Teaching in times of COVID?
we know how it works.

"To teach under the current circumstances, technology is only a small part of the solution.
The biggest part is to show teachers how it can be done successfully."

Prof. Matthias Ehrhardt

my name is matthias ehrhardt

I am a media psychologist and professor for learning and talent development. I started Teaching with Tech and I have trained countless teachers on how to use technology to take their teaching to the next level. 

Our Training Programs

One-Day Intensive

You want to get training that will help you leverage tech to create an engaging and interactive learning experience? This is it.

Train the Trainer

Ready to learn a methodology you can take back to your team for shared success in the connected classroom? Join this program!

School Program

Looking to excel in this new era of education? Be the trailblazer! Bring a customized program to your school.

Resources for Teachers

»Teaching with Technology has really helped us form a plan for how to approach teaching in a pandemic and how we can redefine the classroom so that it still meets  our students’ needs.«

 Alyssa Cunha, ELA Teacher