5 Tips for Your Hybrid Class Opener

In a traditional classroom, your first time connecting with students you always have an opener! A way to introduce them to you, your classroom, how things will work, and what they can expect from the class. In a connected class, your class opener is perhaps even more important!

Matthias Ehrhardt

Matthias Ehrhardt is a professor, executive coach, and entrepreneur in the field of learning and talent development. He is the director of the AUTORIS Institute for Talent Development and CEO of Designing Talent Inc, a leadership and talent development firm with offices in Boston and Munich. He has served as an executive coach, mediator, consultant, and […]

“It Felt Like All of Us Were There”

“When I came into the classroom and saw my friends—some in the room and some on the screen—it felt like all of us were there,” says Clemens, smiling.

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