Peter Leary

Peter Leary is an educator with a passion for sharing his knowledge and skills with others. Currently, he teaches his 4th graders Math and Science, and his colleagues how to navigate remote learning, and set up and troubleshoot virtual classrooms. He is well versed in the challenges remote and hybrid schools face, and as the staff representative in […]

Verena Lauffs

Verena Lauffs serves as a trainer and coach for students and adults. She loves working with people of all ages, helping them discover their strengths and empowering them to apply their talents to the best possible use. She graduated from the University of Goettingen in Germany with a teacher´s degree in English and Political Science. Verena started her career as Public […]

10 Golden Rules for Teaching with Tech: Part Two

Okay, so we’ve covered the first five Golden Rules in Part One of this blog series, if you missed it, you may want to start there. From setting expectations to not allowing yourself to go it alone, there are some majorly useful rules to live by that will help you lead a connected classroom and teach […]

10 Golden Rules for Teaching with Tech: Part One

With millions of young learners logging on online for the first time, it’s important that as teachers you have the preparation and tips required to lead a connected classroom effectively. At Teaching with Tech, we think there are ten fundamental golden rules that will help you as teachers cultivate a safe and effective classroom environment […]

5 Things NOT to Do When Leading a Hybrid Class

Teaching is a tough job. You give your all to your classroom of young learners in hopes of inspiring them, in hopes of helping create a brighter future through education. That’s no small feat!  With the onset of COVID-19, while most didn’t think it could happen – teaching got even tougher. Having to learn new […]

Our Story

How it all started In March 2020, COVID-19 changed the educational landscape across the globe. We watched our children’s schools pivot to fully virtual learning scenarios, and while they executed it as well as anyone could, there were obvious hiccups. We saw the news of teachers across the world being forced to move their classrooms […]