Peter Leary

Peter Leary is an educator with a passion for sharing his knowledge and skills with others. Currently, he teaches his 4th graders Math and Science, and his colleagues how to navigate remote learning, and set up and troubleshoot virtual classrooms. He is well versed in the challenges remote and hybrid schools face, and as the staff representative in […]

Verena Lauffs

Verena Lauffs serves as a trainer and coach for students and adults. She loves working with people of all ages, helping them discover their strengths and empowering them to apply their talents to the best possible use. She graduated from the University of Goettingen in Germany with a teacher´s degree in English and Political Science. Verena started her career as Public […]

Matthias Ehrhardt

Matthias Ehrhardt is a professor, executive coach, and entrepreneur in the field of learning and talent development. He is the director of the AUTORIS Institute for Talent Development and CEO of Designing Talent Inc, a leadership and talent development firm with offices in Boston and Munich. He has served as an executive coach, mediator, consultant, and […]