Our Story

How it all started

In March 2020, COVID-19 changed the educational landscape across the globe. We watched our children’s schools pivot to fully virtual learning scenarios, and while they executed it as well as anyone could, there were obvious hiccups. We saw the news of teachers across the world being forced to move their classrooms online. As more stories came out, we learned that most were having to use skills they had never been privy to before, with little to no training on how to cultivate an effective online learning community reminiscent of an in-person classroom experience.

After seeing the struggles that teachers and children across the globe were experiencing with online learning, our team at the AUTORIS Institute for Talent Development knew we had to try and help drive change and understanding as connected learning became a new normal. For the past 20 years, our team has spent our days researching and developing innovative solutions for the learning and talent development field. 

Teaching with Tech Program Development

We started the Teaching with Tech program to instruct teachers how to manage and optimize their classrooms with students both in-person and at home learning. While this is most commonly known as hybrid learning, our team likes to call this “connected learning”, as teachers are creating connections via the integration of in-person and virtual classrooms.

To develop the programs, we partnered with schools, teachers, principals, and superintendents in both Europe and the United States to uncover the difficulties they were experiencing with connected learning. Then, together with these partners, we developed several training programs geared towards solving the issues we saw teachers were experiencing. 

These programs will enable teachers to capitalize on their individual strengths, existing skills and use technology to provide students with the learning environment they need to grow and succeed in this new era of education. 

Focus on Teachers, Not Only on Tech

Unlike other organizations who have started to work in the online learning space during COVID-19, our focus is not simply on the tech, our focus is on the teachers. 

We believe that 20% of the success of an online classroom lies in having the correct technology in place. However, we think true success in the connected learning experience really lies in the teacher training. After all, tech is meaningless without a teacher who is knowledgeable on how to leverage tech and current skillsets to cultivate an engaging connected classroom experience for students. This is what our Teaching with Tech programs will help teachers learn to do. 

The Future of Connected Learning

Connected learning is here to stay and at Teaching with Tech we are here to equip the teachers of tomorrow with all the skills and tools they need to effectively lead a connected classroom. We are empowering them to guide their students through this new normal, while teaching them to use technology to create lasting impact, as well as develop a fun and engaging environment in their classrooms.

Are you ready to join us to learn how to transform your connected classroom? This is your chance. 


Looking for help to teach hybrid classes? Want tips and tricks to teach on camera? Deciding on what technology to use for your classroom or at home? Interested in the best software solution to run virtual classes? You have come to the right place.



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