»As a parent I now feel so happy and confident sending my kid back to the classroom. This program prepares our teachers, schools, and families for whatever happens in the future.« 

Helaine Allan


»I truly enjoyed assisting teachers and showing other students how to effectively support their teachers.«

Benedikt, Student

Certified Teachingwith.tech Assistant


»Teaching with Technology brings  the classroom experience to life for  students at home in ways that we  would not be able to do without it.«

Dr. Thomas Haferd

Head of School, St. Paul’s Choir School

 »The teaching with Tech program was incredibly helpful. I can recommend it 100%. It helps to have technology on your side.«

 Patrick Moran

Social Studies Teacher

»Teaching with Technology has really helped us form a plan for how to approach teaching in a pandemic and how we can redefine the classroom so that it still meets  our students’ needs.«

Alyssa Cunha

ELA Teacher 

»This morning, when I saw my friends on screen in the classroom, it felt just like they were actually there.«